Monday, May 7, 2007

The One with the Principles

You have Moon Biscuit to thank for this pre-mature release. If you stumble upon here via her blog, you can exercise 2 options:

1) leave;
2) stay

Now that we've gotten clear of everyone's intention, let's go.

Just as Issac Newton has 3 laws of gravitational forces to tell us why we cannot fly like Superman, there are also similarly 3 laws of human relationship dynamics, as described by... ahem... me.

So ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you...

Homo Adfinitas Principia
(or... Principles of Human Relationships in ang moh)
  1. Man thinks in a Straight Line (The Single Path Theory)
  2. There is always only one problem in any given relationship situation (The Problem Criterion)
  3. There is always a Fool and a Fucker on opposite sides of the relationship (The Fool-Fucker Parity)

Okay, get the 3 laws into our heads first. This is Quantum Physics stuff. I might get a Nobel Peace Prize for "Humanitarian Efforts Towards Ending the Timeless War Between the Sexes" with this.

I've said this is pre-mature. Look, I don't even have a proper closing to this post. Ah heck, breakfast is beckoning.

And my milo is turning cold.

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