Sunday, May 6, 2007

The One with the TV Premiere

Has anyone ever wondered why a certain local TV station ever bother showing previous parts of a movie trilogy, AFTER the latest one has already been in the theatres for like 2 weeks?!

Case in point:
Spiderman 3 opened on our shores on 1st May. Some self-righteous local TV station has been trumpeting about the TV Premiere of... Spiderman 2.

On 20th May. Great-o.

And they are calling it "The Movie Event of the Year".

Harlow... Harry Potter in the theatres is a movie event, Pirates of the Carribean in the theatres is a movie event. Heck, even Ocean's Thirteen in the theatres is a movie event. NOT an old movie on TV.

By the way, I saw Spiderman 2 on cable 2 weeks back. BEFORE Spiderman 3 opened.

Is it any wonder why more among us are turning to paid-television and not the free channels anymore?

You know what... in all probability, they're going to come up with "Pirates of the Carribean 2"... AFTER Part 3 turns up.

Geez... some things in life never change.

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leandro said...


That's why they are free!!! and thus the difference between paid and free channels!

: ) Keri