Monday, May 14, 2007

The One with the Virgin

I don't get the fuss about the virginity issue in a local mag. Just because a local celebrity paraded the fact that she is a virgin and intends to stay that way until marriage, and some amongst us start chipping into this age-old moral debate again.

What gives??? Seriously, the debate that we should have is how to have more sex, and not staying away from it. Sex makes babies, and Singapore needs more of these cuddlies.

Someone says sex is sacred and should be done with the special someone else. And only upon marriage at that. This is serious BULLSHIT. The association of sex to marriage is a totally bogus one. Our caveman ancestors didn't have a ring-exchanging ceremony just so that they can get on with the action.

Having sex after marriage doesn't make one a better or a more moral person; it just make you have sex at a later age, that's all. Virginity is simply a physical state of being.

Some people obviously got this virgin-till-marriage notion from their parents. Well, sadly, these parents never mentioned anything about this little bugger: Divorce. Then the poor girl has to find ANOTHER SPECIAL SOMEONE to get marry and repeat the whole routine again.


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CT said...

Damn! That's a good point of view...

But don't be too quick to ignore the psychological side of it from the gal's point of view. It's not about right or wrong, old or new... just simply... they need security...

Damn... i bet 500 bucks you won't get it! hahaha! :P